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We recommend that you read the following privacy policy carefully to learn about the advantages and resources, as well as the terms and conditions under which your personal information is used when navigating the TAM Executive Aviation website. This policy may be updated at any time. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

1. Privacy

The TAM Executive Aviation website was designed to ensure that your online privacy is respected and your personal information protected. Here are the conditions of use and precautions we take to protect the information you may share with us, as well as the ways in which it may be used and with whom it may be shared.

2. Information collected - purpose and how it is used

Our goal through this website is to establish an efficient communication channel between you and our company. In order to access some areas of this portal, personal data such as name, email, address, and telephone may be requested - mandatory and important items so that TAM Executive Aviation can get to know you better and can respond to information and requests
made by you.

TAM Executive Aviation commits itself to the total privacy of the content you share with us. Under no circumstances will the information provided by you be shared with people and institutions outside of our organization
that are not partners and/or represented by TAM Executive Aviation.

TAM Executive Aviation may use your information to send correspondence or promotional, institutional, and advertising materials, either from TAM Executive Aviation itself or the partners and companies represented by it. If you no longer wish to receive these types of communications, simply unsubscribe your email using the link available in the footer of all communications sent by us.

3. Links to other websites

Some areas of the TAM Executive Aviation website may contain links or frames from other websites. These links and frames are made available simply to increase the information available and improve the customer experience. However, the inclusion of these links and frames does not imply that TAM Executive Aviation is aware, agrees, or is responsible for them or their respective contents. Therefore, TAM Executive Aviation can not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of these links and frames, and it is up to the user to decide to access them and navigate in an environment outside the TAM Executive Aviation website.

4. Cookie policy

In compliance with Law no. 12.965, from April 23, 2014, which establishes principles, guarantees, rights, and duties for the use of the Internet in Brazil, we inform you that this website can use cookies (small files of information that the server sends to the computer or mobile devices of the person who accesses the page).

The cookies that this website uses are of two types:

Our own cookies

- Technical Cookies: these cookies are used to perform certain functions that are considered essential for the correct functioning and visualization of the website. They are of a temporary nature and have the sole purpose of making the transmission by an electronic communications network more efficient or, insofar as strictly necessary, for the provision of a service expressly requested by the user, and they disappear at the end of the session. In no case is this type of cookie used to collect information of a personal nature.

If these cookies are disabled, you may not receive our content and services correctly.

Third party cookies

- Google Analytics Cookies: Google Analytics uses "cookies," which are small files of information that are located on a user's computer or mobile device to help the website analyze the users' use of this website.

The information collected by this type of cookie is used to measure the activity of this website, application, or platform and for the creation of navigation profiles of the users of the site, applications, and platforms, in order to introduce improvements based on the analysis of users’ usage data.

In addition, the information that these cookies generate about the use of the website (including the IP address) will be directly transmitted and archived by Google. If you'd like to know more about Google Cookies, please review its usage policy at

Analytical cookies are not required for web browsing and use.

In addition, this website may use advertising cookies, which are those that enable the most effective management of the advertising space that, in this case, the publisher has included in a page, application, or platform from which it provides the requested service, based on criteria such as edited content or the frequency at which ads are shown.

Please note that if YOU DO NOT agree with the use of these cookies (analytical or advertising) on your computer or mobile device for such purposes, you can easily reject and automatically delete the cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser.

The cookie policy may be modified by the Company with the purpose of adapting it to any new legislative reforms in this matter, so it is recommended that you revise it frequently.

IP addresses: the website’s servers can automatically detect the IP address and domain name used by the user. An IP address is a number automatically assigned to a computer when it connects to the Internet. All this information is recorded in a duly registered server activity file, which allows the subsequent processing of the data for the purpose of obtaining purely statistical measurements to discover the number of page impressions, the number of visits made to the web services, the order of visits, the access point, etc.

5. Fake emails

TAM Executive Aviation does not send emails requesting confidential customer data, nor does it request deposits into a bank account. If you receive messages requesting confidential information or instructions to deposit any amount into a checking account, disregard them because they are fake emails. When in doubt, we recommend contacting us through one of our customer service channels.

Some tips to ensure the security and privacy of your information:

  • Beware of accessing our website through links contained in emails;
  • When typing our website address, always confirm that the site you have accessed is the correct site;
  • Look out for SPAM emails. These emails appear to come from a trusted source or from a friend, but are actually designed so that you download a virus or you are directed to a fraudulent site in order to reveal confidential information;
  • Do not respond to emails that ask for personal information. Be suspicious of any emails coming from companies or individuals that ask you for passwords, identification numbers, or other highly sensitive information;
  • Only open emails from trusted sources. Be especially careful when opening emails with attached files. Even friends can accidentally send you an email containing a virus.

If you have questions, please contact TAM Executive Aviation.

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